Here you will find all the ones who have helped me realise this journey. It is not much I can give back to my sponsors, but this is at least something. I have get hold of the majority of the sponsors through my previously workplace WF Motor AS. There I have worked for 3 years and all the time until the departure, and I was able to get many helpful contacts. Some have sponsored with equipment and other with very good prices. Big or small sponsors, to me they have all meant I great deal. I really appreciate all the support they have given me.

I would also like to thank all my family members and friends who have supported me during the preparation for the journey. Thank you very much!

Here the companies are randomly listed with a little information about the company and a link to their homepage. Again, thank you very much for all the help.
- boats and engines. The best offer!
The shop is in Haugesund and sells boats, engines, towed vehicles, lawnmowers, power units and ATVs.
- fashion design for grrls & boyz by Jorunn Maria Djønne
Have designed the logo, sewed rain collector, flag and bimini etc.
On of the leading company in the boat business. They import i.a. Honda, Tohatsu, Terhi, Ranieri, Achilles. Distribution of the Pioner boats is also one of their tasks.
Big Swedish company, with branches several places in Europe. Have all thinkable equipment that boat owners need. Deliver their products through distributors.
Norwegian company that imports rubber boats, electrical out board engines and covering. Have distributors all over Norway.
Solid Norwegian company with 27 years of history. Located in Kristiansand and is a supplier of many different types of equipment to distributors all over Norway.
Established in 1910. They are today a marked leader in batteries. They can offer a vide aspect of specialised batteries with very good quality. Batteries that can be used in boats and camping.
Large boat equipment store in Haugesund that is both distributor and special wholesaler. Here you find all thinkable equipment for motorboats, sailboats yourselves and much more. They also have a large selection of fishing equipment.
Exclusive ship-bottom paint, primer and maintenance products for pleasure boats and yachts.