Sailing journeys around the world is carried out by many boats every year. Which route they follow varies, but one factor is the same, the route is laid according to the wind seasons. Since 2/3 of the worlds surface is water there is unlimited of places to travel, so the task of picking out which places to go is tough. The important thing for me was to have enough time; I do not want to hurry to get to see most countries in the least amount of time. I see no point in rushing through paradise. I rather spend more time at fewer places.

My original plan was to do an circumnavigation around the world via South Africa in 40 months, but after sailing for a while I realized that this would be too much ocean and too little experiences ashore. If I have enough moeny, I will be sailing for 52 months and have therefore decided to sail to India, up the Red Sea and through the Suez Canal. Then go to the Black Sea and through the canal system to the Baltic Sea. There are many different canals to choose from, and I have not decided which it will be yet. From the Baltic Sea I will take the Göta Canal from Stockholm to Göteborg and follow the Norwegian coast back to Karmřy. Plans are made with the purpose of being changed, and it is good to have this freedom. So the final route is not final until I am back in Norway.

The green line on the first map below marks the distance sailed so far, and the red line shows where I plan to go. Below this is a more detailed map of the region where I am in now.

Visited countries

Norway Sweden Denmark Germany
Holland Belgium France Spain
Gibraltar Morocco Barbados St.Vincent &
the Grenadines
Grenada Trinidad &
Venezuela Netherlands Antilles
Aruba Colombia Panama Equador
French Polynesia Cook Island Tonga New Zealand

The 5 longest passages so far

Galapagos - Marquesas3 100 nm29,5 daysPacific Ocean
Canary Islands - Barbados2 926 nm27 daysAtlantic Ocean
Tonga - New Zealand1 100 nm9,5 daysPacific Ocean
Panama - Galapagos1 044 nm14 daysPacific Ocean
Palmerston - Tonga660 nm6,5 daysPacific Ocean

Preliminary time schedule

May - June Norway to Kiel
July Kiel and through the canals to the Mediterranean
August The Mediterranean, along the eastern spanish coast and to Gibraltar
September Gibraltar to Morocco and Canary Islands
October - November Sailing around in the Canary Islands
December Crossing the Atlantic

January - March West Indian Islands
April Galapagos
May Galapagos to Marquisas
June Marquisas and Tuamotus
July - August Tahiti and Society Islands
September Aitutaki and Palmerston
October Tonga
November - December New Zealand

January - April New Zealand
May New Caledonia
June Papua New Guinea
July Torres Strait
August - September Indonesia
October Singapore
November Malaysia
December Thailand

January Sri Lanka
February India
March Oman and Yemen
April - June Red Sea
July Israel
August Lebanon
September Syria
October Cyprus
November Rhodos and Turkey
December Turkey

January - March Turkey
April - June The canal system in Europa
July Baltic Sea
August Sweden
September Arrivial to Norway and Kopervik