Preparations before the departure
Place: Kopervik
Date: April 7, 2006
Author: Øystein Djønne
Translator: Vidar Krovik

The date of departure is closing in. I have worked through the winter with getting the boat fit for the journey. I have the whole time been sure I had plenty of time, but now that have changed to a real time pressure. I have a lot to do, and the time is just flying. Nevertheless, the most things are under control, so the time of departure is still set to be May 1.

The boat was put a shore Monday April 3, and will be there for 3 weeks. It is placed on Gofarnes, at Karmøy Sailing Club. During this period I will do the remaining work which makes the boat ready for the grand journey.

I have removed the engine and replaced it with a four stroke Tohatsu 9,8 hp. The engine bracket is removed and will be mounted at the port side. This is necessary since the wind rudder must be placed at the centre. I have bought a Danish wind rudder called First-Mate. On the port side railing at the stern I will mount the new Rutland 913 wind generator.

To increase the speed of the drainage in rough weather, I will drill some extra outlets in the cockpit. The windows will be reinforced with thick plastic glass which will be laid outside the existing windows and the sliding lid and doors will also be reinforced. It is crucial to keep the boat watertight.

All the halyards and clew cringles are replaced, and I have bought in enough spare ones. The sails are being replaced with brand new ones. The lanterns are replaced with LED lanterns, both at the front, at the stern, and in the masthead. LED lanterns are expensive, but are very useful at reducing the power consumption.

All the equipment I need is bought in, now I only need to find the space for it all… ?. The boat needs to be washed, polished and ship-bottom painted before it can be launched again. I will probably not be finished with all I want to do before departure, but that is how it goes.

The days before departure will pass very quickly and now I really look forward to the day. I am still reading books and catching up on other peoples experiences. It gone be great to finally set sail down south.