Last log: 01.03.08 05.50, Nelson, New Zealand.Total distance: 16 448 nm
The boat is in Whangarei, the captain is backpacking.

Welcome to My name is Øystein Djønne and I am on a journey around the world in my sailboat named Valkyrien. The journey started May 1, 2006 from Kopervik in Norway and now I have been sailing forI plan to spend 52 months on my circumnavigation, something that has been my life long dream. On this site you can read about my plans, the preparations and follow me on my journey by reading travelogues and see pictures.


01.03.2008 Øystein and Cecilie have had a great time together, but have now gone in different directions as planed. The captain will probarly travel solo for the rest of this year. He is for the moment in the northern part of the south island, waiting for the ferry to the north island. He has been in Abel Tasman National Park, and enjoyed it in good weather. Øystein went on a 20 km long track along the beautiful coast. Back home in Norway, has a norwegian sailmagazine nominated Valkyrien to the longdistance sailor of the year 2007.

23.02.2008 After a long periode with few last news on the website, it will now be updatet more often. The captain and his friend Cecilie has spent 6 weeks in Australia. They have been travelling in a coach from Sydney to Brisbane with severals stops. They have been sleeping in camping parks and in backpackers hostels. The weather has been kind to them most of the time. They have then spent the days outdoor in the sun, and enjoyed some of the many beautiful beaches along the east coast. One day they learned how to ride a surfboard, but they spent more time on a bodyboard. Kengurus, Koala bears, snakes and saltwater crockodilles have they met on the trip. When they once again got their feets on the ground in New Zealand, they rented a car. They have now seen alot of the beautiful scenery on the south islands. Mt. Cook, bungy jumped from 134 m. and enjoyed the spectacular fjords and mountains in Milford Sounds.

02.12.2007 The captain has left the boat on a hardstand i Whangarei. He will now explore New Zealand by land togehter with a norwegian girl. They will travel around in this beautiful country and also take a trip to Australia. Some news will be updated every now and then.

13.11.2007 After two small voyages is Valkyrien now in Whangarei together with alot of others norwegian cruisers. The captain has prepared the boat before he is leaving to explore the country by back-packing. Valkyrien will be on the hardstand to march/april in 2008.

06.11.2007 Valkyrien made the 1100nm long journey from Tonga to New Zealand in only 9,5 days. It was a very wet passage, caused by big waves which rolled all over the small boat, but the boat showed once more that she is a seaworthy one. Safe a shore in Opua the crew got a warm welcome by friends and was given a berth in a marina with very nice facilities. The time onboard Valkyrien for Vidar has now ended, tomorrow he will sign of after crewing the boat in 13,5 months. The captain will the same day explore the coast down towards Whangarei and arrive there in about a week.