First aid and medicines

It may be hard to limit the equipment to bring along. What I have chosen is mainly based on experiences from other circumnavigators, and in cooperation with my doctor and the chemist's shop.

Nonprescription (in Norway)
Waterproof adhesive bandage, tape, healing ointment, wound cleaner, bandage, compressor, scissor, pincer, syringe package, sewing equipment, charcoal tablet to prevent diarrhoea, salt solution to bind up bodily fluid if the diarrhoea won’t stop, remedy for constipation, pain-relievers, disposable gloves, mouth mask for kiss of life.

On prescription (in Norway)
Fucidin (healing ointment), Flomazin (healing ointment for burns), Kloramfenikol (remedy for inflammation of the ear), antibiotics, severe pain-relievers, Xylocain (anaesthetic) and adrenaline.


Here I have listed the vaccines that I needed to take before the start of the journey. It will be individual what a person feel is important do have, but the vaccines I have choose is collected from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. I have also discussed my planned route with my doctor and found these vaccines sufficient.

• Hepatitis A and B
• Poliomyelitis
• Diphtheria and Tetanus
• Typhus
• Yellow fever
• Meningococcal bacteraemia
• Japanese encephalitis

I will also bring malaria tablets.

It is important to be aware of that the vaccine for Hepatitis B needs to be started not later than 7 – 8 months before departure. It is required 3 injections for the Hepatitis B vaccine, first one, and then one after one month and then the last one is taken 6 months after the second one.

It is expensive to take vaccines. First you need a doctor to write out the prescriptions and then you need to order and buy the vaccines, and finally you need to pay to get then injected. There are some places that are doing all these things, but it is recommended to compare the price to the price of doing it yourself.

Here is a list of my expenses with the vaccination, based on the vaccines listed above.

Appointment with the doctor$250
Vaccines and malaria tablets$540

The price will of course vary from place to place, especially from country to country.


It is much to be aware of before starting this kinds of journeys. With today’s globalization the most places in the world are getting much more civilized and can provide the most of what you need. Products like sun lotion, moisture, soap etc. is easy accessible, but it is always important to be prepared for the unprepared.