It is difficult to predict how much a journey like this will cost. To make an estimate I have searched through the internet and collected information from others who have done similar journeys. By this I have been able to do a reasonable estimate. One thing is for sure, the size of the expenses will increase with the size of the boat. $ 9 000 a year should be enough to cover all the expenses, but the preset budget distribution is likely to change. The first part of the journey, while sailing through Europe and the Caribbean, will probably be more expensive then the part through the Pacific. The expenses used on food will be very variable from place to place.

There will of course be no luxurious life style, but that is not intended. The journey itself and the experiences that come with it is what matters most, as long as I do not go around hungry of course.

I will have an ongoing update of what I have of expenses, so that those who are planning a similar journey can see my real expenditure.

The journey is planned to last for 40 months which gives me a total cost of $ 30 000. This will be around $ 9 000 a year, which again is around $ 750 a month.

This is the budget for 12 months.

ExpenditureAmount in %Amount in dollar
Food33,33 %$ 3 000
Investments for the boat13,00 %$ 1 170
Maintenance13,00 %$ 1 170
Check-in and check-outs10,00 %$ 900
Harbour and canal charges6,67 %$ 600
Fuel6,67 %$ 600
Methylated spirit2,44 %$ 220
Medicines2,44 %$ 220
Postage and telephon2,44 %$ 220
Various10,00 %$ 900
Total100 %$ 9 000